Transferring Inactive Player/Villages in a Tribe to different player.


In the real world if a tribal village loses its leader the tribe will attempt to save that village by sending it another leader and/or place that village under the rulership of another tribal chieftain.

Taking that concept into the play of this game, it should be possible for villages that belong to a Tribe but the player has abandoned the game, it should be possible to transfer rulership of a village to a active player.

Now, for this to be done I would expect there would be several attempts to contact the player and bring them back into play, sending them external emails to verify they are no longer playing. Once that is done, the leader of the tribe should be able to transfer ownership of that village to another active player.

I have not seen anything like this in the game yet.

Comments please.


Not going to happen. The game already has a plan for inactive villages to turn into barbs after a set amount of days. It just so happens the part of turning them into barbs was broken and it seems with the new patch they will have that finally fixed.


If you want to keep those villages in the tribe, have tribe members noble them! It's all part of a war aspect, where when you have a village without a leader, both you and your enemies go for it, and whoever gets to it first wins! It's all a part of war my friend.