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  • 1 winners (750 Crowns)

  • 3 winners (250 Crowns each)

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Dear Tribal Warriors,

It seems as though we have misplaced our good friend the paladin within the forums. Help us find him within the forums and win CROWNS! Please provide a link of where you have located him. He can be anywhere so check within all post!

To be fair all those that provide the proper link to where we can find our paladin will be entered into a random wheel drawing for your chance at the reward! Along with entry please vote on if you would like 1 player to win 750 Crowns (1 winners) or 3 players each win 250 Crowns (3 winners).

After May 28, 2015 we'll accept if no one has found him that he is lost forever! All post with links will be hidden until after the 28th of May.

e.g. (find the exact picture somewhere in a post below.)

Clue #1 We believe he had said something about looking over present or past bug reports. At least that might have been the last time we saw him.

Clue #2 We think he was lost in the "Browser Issue Archive"!

Clue #3 The number 3 we believe is his favorite number.

Not open for further replies.