Closed Tribal Wars 2 4th of July Lottery

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Hammer Fist

Greetings Warriors,

It is time to put your luck to the test in this week's Tribal Wars 2 Lottery! We have some great prizes to give out on this week's competition and hope that you enjoy them! This competition will run until July 4, 2015 @ 11:59pm CST.

This is the Tribal Wars 2 Lottery! Each player may choose up to 3 numbers between 1 and 283 (the number of days Tribal Wars 2 has been live up to and including July 4, 2015); at the end of the contest a random number will be chosen. The first 3 players to guess the correct number in any one of their 3 guesses will win a prize and be entered into a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of 1000 crowns! If no one guesses the correct number, 3 random players will be chosen to receive the prize!

  • Players may only guess 3 numbers
  • Numbers must range between 1 and 283
  • If you post more than once, only the first post will be counted, so include all three guesses in one post.


A total of 3 players will receive the following prizes:
  • 250 crowns
  • A chance at the grand price of 1000 crowns (must have guessed the number to enter)

You may submit your guesses by replying to this thread. Your reply will not be visible once you post! Please feel free to contact Coolnite7 if you have any questions! We look forward to another great competition.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team


Congradulations to all those that played the Tribal Wars 2 4th of July Lottery. You guys really made this a success! We had only one person choose the correct number so we randomly selected 3 250 crown winners and the ONLY person to select a winning number won 1000 CROWNS! All crowns will be rewarded shortly.

Our 3 random winners are:
- KingDann
- Mariobrosfan84
- Hugh the Just

Grand prize winner (only one to guess a number):
Eliandr - number 60​
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