Tribal wars 2 on ps4

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Lord I, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Lord I

    Lord I Guest

    For some reason i am unable to play tribal wars 2 through my browser section of my ps4....does anybody know why this is happining? has anybody else had the same problems..
  2. Icedragon

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    May 8, 2015
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    Were you able to before? :eek:
  3. Lord I

    Lord I Guest

    no i wasnt.i never tried...but my ps4 is new obviously..but i have an internet browsing section and can get all the way to the loading page with the latest pate number...and it never goes any further..i just was wondering if there was a reason for they not allow these types of game on ps4 or something, like a conflict of interest type thing..
  4. Tokano

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    It's not a conflict of interests or anything like that, it's that the browser on the PS4 is a very... Uh... Basic and bare browser. It's basically the browser old flip-phones have. It's what people call a "brew" browser.

    The reason the game will not/can not run on a brew browser is because the developers of the browser didn't put in the right bits for the game to run there and the developers of the game can't find every brew browser in the world and make the game compatible with their browser.

    ^^ Chances are, you won't be able to play a lot of games on any console browser.

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