Tribe Domination - Gyulai Var



Greetings, Tribal Warriors!
The leading Tribe, Everyone is Exceptional (WTF), now owns more than 70% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes on Gyulai Var. The Tribe Domination event has thus now started.
With the start of the Tribe Domination players can now no longer register on this world.

When a Tribe owns at least 80% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes, the realm will be closed soon and victors will be crowned in several categories! Furthermore, all members of the winning Tribe will be rewarded with 200 Crowns each!

Good luck to all!


potentially... yes

likely... no

Have to be mass desertion from the winning tribe


Its already over, 1/2 Merged dropping all the co-op inactives.