Tribe Domination

Peter Pan

I guess in this world we showed our tribe(-s) as good strategists, tactics, diplomats, spies and... wariors. And most... no, I suess ALL top-players from another tribes showed themselves as relaxed farmers. But it was funny world :)


My son was diagnosed with Leukemia, so I had to leave this server unexpectedly (I was in top 20 when I had to quit). The problem was that the Russians came over with multiple tribes and worked together from the very beginning. Those of us that saw the writing on the wall tried to get the US players to work together. It wasn't until the Russians had grown and pushed enough to put some of the larger tribes on the ropes that they finally agreed. By then, it was too late. Losing players like myself, Shadow, and a number of other powerhouses having to leave for one reason or another didn't help either.