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    Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

    With Tribal Wars 2 closing in on its first anniversairy, the Community Management department has come up with a temporary win condition for game realms to compensate the missing endgame feature. This event will be known as Tribe Domination!

    The Tribe Domination event will be triggered manually by us when the best Tribe owns at least 70% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes on a realm. We will check the data regularely, so the event can be triggered in time.

    As soon as the Tribe Domination is activated, players will no longer be able to register on this realm. The existing players are now invited to fight it out and to dominate this realm. In order to dominate a realm, a Tribe has to own at least 80% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes. Once a Tribe dominates a realm, it will be closed and winners will be crowned in the following categories:
    • Rank (based on points)
    • Units defeated as attacker

    Furthermore, every member of the dominating Tribe will get 200 Crowns each!

    It's time to dominate!

    Your Tribal Wars 2 Team
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