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So I want to preface this by saying I am a veteran TW1 player, started when world 1 was still open (but I believe it was in end game at the time). I have come back to play on the second installment and have found some differences that I seem to be having trouble with.

In TW1, when setting up the forums for the tribe, you could make Hidden and Trusted forums, and also have Shared forums with Ally guilds. These allowed a higher level of cooperation with allies, and for Hidden and Trusted allowed you to set up forums for officers to discuss sensitive info (Hidden was usually used for this) or for members who have been there for a good time and have gained trust to have access to certain forums that new members have not yet earned access to (Trusted forums). In setting up some forums for my new tribe here, I find very little options (being that I only see the ability to name them and nothing more). Was the more advanced forum system from TW1 really taken out, or am I missing something in setting them up?
Tribal wars 2 in a nut shell: Really a shame inno games doesnt do this, etc..
Lol, I am getting that sense. I miss some of the premium features too. Like the color coding on the map. I know you can mark any village with your own custom group, but I liked that on the large full map view it actually changed the color of the grid they were on, and changed the name of the village to whatever color you assigned. And for that matter, I preferred the old grid system to the way the map looks now.

A lot of the features of TW2 are great, but I feel like they should have been in addition to some old features instead of, well, instead of them. Lol