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Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

We have a unique and exciting new game feature for Tribal Wars 2: Tribe Skills! This feature will allow your Tribe to donate resources and/or Crowns towards the overall experience level of your Tribe. Once your Tribe has gained enough experience points to level, you will receive a skill point which you can use in your skill tree. The skills your leader chooses to invest in will help the entire Tribe! This new game feature will be released on Monday, October 5th!

When one of your Tribe members donates their resources, wood, clay or iron, they will be giving 100 for every 1 experience point gained. Players will be able to give their excess resources they gain from farmimg and barbarians towards the growth of their Tribe. Players can also donate Crowns, for an even bigger bonus towards the experience points of the Tribe.

Once the Tribe members have donated enough to take the Tribe to the next Tribe Level they will receive a skill point. Skill points are used in Tiers, and each Tier has a few choices for the Leader, or trusted member who has been granted corresponding rights, to put points into. These skills give an immediate bonus to the entire Tribe and all of the villages, units and buildings associated with them. If the Tribe progresses in levels and the Leader wants to redistribute the skill points, he can at a penalty of losing the last level’s amount of experience. When choosing to redistribute points the Leader will have a dialogue box asking if they are sure they wish to continue, as well as a save screen once they have allocated their points. This ensures that the Leader cannot accidentally redistribute points.

The benefits of the previously chosen skills will be lost until the skill is improved again, but the previous effects will not be immediately destroyed. Don’t worry, the Swordsmen in your Hospital beds won't be kicked out to the streets to die if your Leader no longer invests in additional beds. However any more soldiers that come the Hospital where there isn’t room would not be healed.

One other great thing about this new feature is the changes made to the member list. Here you will see the addition of Honor Points. These are based on every 1000 experience points a player has personally generated through his donations towards the Tribe. You can also check the Donation Ranking in the Tribe Skill page. There you can see how much each person donated from week to week.

As always this feature was made for you, our hardcore fans and loyal game community. We hope that you enjoy this new feature that focuses on our most important mechanic, the Tribes. Read more about this feature on our official wiki page. We are eager to get your feedback on this feature so please share it with us in this feedback thread.

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Your Tribal Wars 2 Team