Tribes and Players


People want to win. They see that WAT is full of not only top tier players, but top tier players that work as a team.

Make no mistake, though. This world has hardly even begun. Plenty of fun to come down the road!
once we walk down that road, there is no turning back.

Seems more like *alleged* top tier players like to play patty cake amongst themselves.
power players are attracted to each other. it's not our fault there is a lack of that here in this 200 member tribe limit world. We in WAT are pound for pound the best tribe in this world.
ya but that does not happen on this server lol look and NRN 1o1 OMG ROI HGS and a few others its like ROI took them all in and the other tribes are gone now and the rest are hiding in PXR .


LOL, thank god you are not stuck in a tribe, I would still be stuck in the POF Cluster F***. After realizing how bad that tribe was I got out and sought out WAT, it did not take me long to realize that mass tribes are full of most mass loser players......