troop control

I understand when i send someone else support they can't use them to attack. When i send MY OWN villages support I should be able to have control of them as an attack force.

ex: village 1 sends villages 2; 10 axe, 100 swords, 100 mounted archers, 37 LC
Now village 2 can take said troops and attack with them (keep in mind i own both these villages)


Similar to the movement of the paladin. Not a bad idea however this is a feature I doubt will happen because it would require so much of a change in-game. Overall still good idea.
would it be possible to do it if a new world was started. I still understand it still takes a lot of script writing if applied to all worlds. but how bad is it to write it for future worlds?


This will have to be something that the developers would have to comment on. Although it does sound like a great idea it's a long shot. Within next day or so I'll try and get one of the game designers to comment on a few of the suggestions/ideas that everyone has.


I doubt they'd go for it, as you can amass one hell of a nuke like that, or even noble trains for that matter. Nothing would be able to defensively stop a large player (150+ villages)

IE: Noble trains with 5000 LC and 4000 MAs each noble, or even bigger as they'd have many more troops to commit to this


This would also open up a faster style of gameplay which could be deemed unfair with the way the current mechanics are. If you invade a barbarian village and reposition the cap of units to that brand new village, you can easily launch a surprise attack very suddenly. Now you can have different timers on things which may help make it work, I just don't see it being something that would be looked into personally as it just interferes with how the game is currently played/working. This could be a thing that gets looked into in the future however when other changes come into place, if they do. :)

Keep in mind, this is just my thoughts on it.
Oh of course. I did not think about that in a strategic point and makes sense. You are right there will need to be more caps then just the troop count on that.

I wouldn't of posted it if i didn't want opinions!:D


Interesting idea. This reminds me of the board game risk. Some limit suggestions:
  • Could limit troops to current province, with out a Paladin.
  • Could Cap at current village provision limit+Multiplier. (ie 1000 provision village limited to 1000 x2 provisions of extra troops
  • Set timers on how soon you can move troops. IE you troops need 24hr rest before the next march.
Some definite strategies could be used to make this a slightly faster game, and create risk/reward strategies.


Exactly, a lot would have to be looked at, tested, and looked at again lol. It's definitely an idea, just not one that can easily put it with how things currently are.


Could be limited by provision stat. lvl 10 farm would not be able to control as many extra troops as a lvl 25. Then again as the above example a 150+ vil player would not be bothered by this, however is another way to add a "cap"