News TW2 Anniversary - Part 2

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    Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

    Time flies! About one year ago, we have released the first Tribal Wars 2 realms. We are inviting you to celebrate this with us and have prepared a T-shirt design contest on our Facebook page.

    In order to participate in this event you need to design an original Tribal Wars 2 themed T-shirt. Then produce a digital design of your T-shirt idea using an image processing software, such as Photoshop, Canva, Picmonkey, or Pixlr, and submit it on our Facebook page as a comment. Win it and wear it! Yes that’s right, the winner will get his or her designed T-shirt made!

    The rules are simple:
    • Each player may submit only one image.
    • If more images are submitted by the same player, only the entry submitted first is valid.
    • You are only allowed to submit your own work.

    We will reward the best three designs and each winner will get their own T-shirt made. Be creative so you can proudly wear your own tee!

    Winners will be picked by your Community Management team.

    Your Tribal Wars 2 Team
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