TW2 Beta Sandbox Reset


Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

It is time to breathe some life back into our Beta Sandbox. We have reset Sandbox and you are all invited to play with (or against) the development team of Tribal Wars 2!

These are not all the changes we have made for Sandbox. This realm will become very exclusive compared to any other TW2 realm.

Prepare for a speed boost on Sandbox:
  • The ‘Finish for free’ feature in your Headquarters and building queues will be set to 2 minutes per HQ level (up from 30 seconds).
  • Farm faster! We will double the Rally Point feature 'Attck Speed Bonus vs. Barbarians', granting a full 700% speed bonus on max level (up from 350%).

You will also get cheaper shop bundles on Beta. The prices for the following item bundles in the Sale category are now permanently 50% off:
  • Builders Basics
  • Builders Essentials
  • Skirmish Pack
  • Battle Pack
  • Noble Collection
  • Royal Collection

Our Beta realms are primarily meant for public testing. In the spirit of that we want to open the global bug hunting season! If you are the first player to report a reproducable bug, you will earn 200 Crowns for your Sandbox account, and an additional 200 Crowns for your real game account (When reporting a bug, please make sure to provide the name of your real game account and the language version this account is registered on, e.g. EN. If you report the bug on this forum, you can also contact a TW2 team member via PM to share your real account details.).
All bugs have to be reported in the bug section of this forum or via our support ticket system. When reporting a bug, please make sure to provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue and add screenshots if applicable.

We will see you in our Sandbox!
Your Tribal Wars 2 Team