Confirmed [TWX-12138] Scroll Bars Missing from Rankings

Discussion in 'Fixed & Reported Browser Archive' started by Incisions, May 18, 2015.

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    I'm guessing this is where I place the bugs.

    Anyway, in the circulars, if you have enough individuals to make it say "There are too many attendees to display" it has in issue where you can no longer see who is in the chat. And when you click "Show all Players" the scroll bar is invisible and only the top few people are displayed with some image overlap going through the display box. Haven't gone through reports and things like that yet, so I'll just put this one there for now.


    Screenshots are the best things to attest to what I'm trying to explain. So here you go.

    I just saw the thread about reporting bugs by Zeltino. Sorry guys for missing that. If you want me to delete this or improve it at all, let me know.
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    There is an issue that was caused by Update 1.16 where the Scroll bars in Player/Tribe Rankings are completely missing. This has been reported to the Development team.
    If you see this in any other windows, please let us know via this thread.

    Ticket ID: TWX-12094

    Update 05/20/2015 - Issue being worked in Ticket ID TWX-12138
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    Merged Incisions bug as this is the same issue/stemming from the same issue.

    Thanks for letting us know! I've updated the Development Ticket to include the information you have submitted 8).

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