Confirmed [TWX-12404] Sending out preset when typing troop amounts


This might be a know issue but if not here it is...

When I go to attack someone and I get the the "send army" I always accidentally send a preset attack.

the reason this happens is because instead of using the little sliding arrow I like the type the troop amounts in specifically instead sitting there for 10 min trying to slide it to the specific number I want.

So lets say I want to send an attack of 100 spear men. I click on the area to type in the troop amount and type 100 but when I click the 1 on my keyboard the preset for 1 gets sent out for an attack. This is incredibly annoying.

I still want to keep my presets but I also want to be able to type in a different amount for specific occasions. Like supporting an ally for example. So plz fix this. I would suggest only making the presets work when you have just clicked on the village not when you select the send army display. Hope that makes since.


Hey there, Techdeck.

This is actually a known issue and has already been reported (TWX-12404). We're hoping for a quick fix on this issue.