Game Update Update 1.11


Version 1.11
Hello Tribal Warriors! On Wednesday, March 11, we will update all game servers with version 1.11. This version will improve the game further and will include some bug fixes.

  • The village info screen has been improved.
  • The game performance has been improved.
Bug Fixes

  • The correct icons are now displayed on the timeline when an attack and a spy mission will return close together.
  • The amount of villages for each player is now properly displayed in the Province rankings.
  • You will no longer be urged to run more errands in the Resource Deposit if there are no new errands available.
  • A new info message will be triggered when a reward from the Resource Deposit can't be fully collected due to lack of Storage space.
  • Tribe crests will no longer be deleted by other actions.
  • Tribe crest changes will no longer be saved when aborting the editing process.
  • Replies on the Tribe forum will no longer have '-1' replies and won't be displayed as 'posted on 01-01-1970'.
  • The buttons to join or apply to a Tribe won't be available to players who are already in a Tribe anymore.
  • The travel time for Heavy Cavalry is now displayed correctly when a Tactician is added to the army.
  • The building queue is now refreshed when buying a new building slot.
  • Deleted Tribes will no longer remain in your contacts.
  • Building commands no longer get stuck in the building queue.
  • Some translations have been fixed.
Android (Release Date: March 12)

  • Push notifications are now grouped in your status bar.
  • A push notification will now also be issued when a building has been upgraded. When clicking it, you will be put directly in the Headquarters of that village to issue another building command.
  • The app's performance and loading times have been improved.
  • Tribe application templates are now saved correctly.
  • Deleted Tribe news items will no longer reappear.
  • You will no longer be urged to run more errands in the Resource Deposit if there are no new errands available.
  • The required Tavern level is now shown for countermeasures.
  • When all reports have been marked the 'Delete' button can now be used.
  • The amount of Noblemen is now correctly updated after a village has been conquered.
  • Opening the player profile of a deleted player is no longer possible.
  • Using the 'validate your email' button will no longer close the app.
  • When constructing a new building the build time is properly displayed.
  • Clearer error messages have been implemented for specific game scenarios and issues.
iOS (Estimated Release Date: March 20)

  • The daily login bonus is now available in the iOS app.
  • A more userfriendly Tribe menu has been implemented for iPhones.
  • Specific push notifications can now be individually enabled or disabled.
  • Tribe contacts are now available in the iOS app.
  • Reports now have a proper subject.
  • Players won't get stuck in the tutorial anymore.
  • Connectivity has been improved.
Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Sincerely, The Tribal Wars 2 Team