Game Update Update 1.14 (Including Update 1.13)


Version 1.14
Hello Tribal Warriors! On Wednesday, April 22, we will update all servers with version 1.14. This version will increase the chance to get an epic or legendary roll in your Resource Deposit and will also improve the Android app greatly (to be released on April 27). This update also contains a lot of bug fixes to improve your game experience.

  • Chances to get an epic or legendary roll in your Resource Deposit have been increased.
Bug Fixes

  • The map will no longer scroll too fast.
  • The map will no longer freeze when you scroll all the way to the bottom.
  • Resources are now sorted correctly by their amounts in the overview screen.
  • Supporting units can now be correctly withdrawn if you have 50 attacks running simultaneously.
  • You can no longer run additional errands in your Resource Deposit if you have reached the daily maximum.
  • Second Village tasks will now always grant the correct amount of points regardless on which day they are completed.
  • The map icon of your Second Village will no longer move if there is no task available.
  • If a player re-joins a mass conversation he or she will be able to reply again.
  • Deleted players will be removed from your contact list.
  • The layout of the Paladin screen will no longer break when your Paladin has a long name.
  • The recruitment time for the fifth spy is now displayed correctly.
  • Recruitment orders will now take a lot longer to finish when the building level requirements are not met anymore.
  • The amounts of resources are no longer displayed in red if your Storage is not full anymore.
  • 'Remember me' cookies on the login page are stored correctly again.
  • Your Paladin will no longer find new weapons if you don't have a Paladin.
  • A rare case of players not being able to purchase items in the shop has been resolved.
  • Some translations have been fixed.
Android (Release Date: April 27)

With this update we are bringing you some nice additions to your game experience. Not only have we eliminated bugs for a better experience, but at the same time we have improved the app in such ways that it's faster and be more stable. On top of that, there's a bunch of new features that will help you manage your account more easily and get those extra villages from your enemies!

Navigating through your villages and having to tap on each building to see what you have in production or to see how much resources you have left? No more! Now you can access the simple overviews which will provide a breakdown of all your villages in a list, including detailed information such as resources in your warehouse, unused Provisions, troops in recruitment, and buildings in your queue! You got nothing in production? No worries, we added buttons that will take you directly to your Headquarters or Barracks so you can give your orders! When you're done with that you will be taken back to the overview screen again.

You will notice that we have removed the old Global Information in the upper left corner. This information is now visible at the bottom center of your screen instead. You're in a village that is being attacked? Then you will now see the new village information at the bottom. Here you can see everything related to your current village, such as incoming attacks, current loyalty if it's below 100, or even the Attack Protection that you have left. The Global Information provides the most vital information that affects your whole account, such as attacks that are directed at multiple villages. We will expand this feature as we go on.

We know you most likely will not like us for this, at least not in the beginning. But we rely on that your love will return as soon as you notice how awesome the small changes we've made actually are. When using your Android tablet, you can now access your building and recruitment queues via individual buttons. When you have noting in production, it will either open your Headquarters or Barracks where you can directly build or recruit. But the most awesome functionality is when you already have something in production, you will then see exactly what is in the queue, how much time is left until it's completed, and how many units you are recruiting. Again, your empty queue slots can directly be tapped and filled with your orders! Looking at the top bar, you will notice that we have changed the position of the village groups and placed them on the side of the village switch. We have improved the village switch - a lot! Apart from that, we have increased the size of most buttons, so that big-fingered people like us do not miss these vital buttons on the screen.

When you tap the log-out button now, you will get a popup in which you can select other worlds to play on. This is something that was very hard to do before.

  • The order of your recruitment queue will no longer be wrong if you log in via browser and Android simultaneously.
  • Your first village will no longer be duplicated on the map.
  • You can now correctly recruit Noblemen in multiple villages if you have enough resources available.
  • Push notifications are now always displayed in the correct language.
  • Report dates will no longer be falsely displayed as 01.01.1970.
  • You can now browse through your Achievement reports using the arrow buttons as intended.
  • Selected Achievements will now be correctly displayed on your Tribe profile.
  • The images of Carol's Morning Star and Aletheia's Bonfire are now displayed correctly again.

This update will also include version 1.13.
Thank you very much for your support and bug reports.

Sincerely, The Tribal Wars 2 Team