Game Update Update 1.17




Version 1.17

Hello Tribal Warriors!

On Wednesday, June 3 we will update all realms with version 1.17. This version will focus on a community request and bug fixes. You can now assign hotkeys to your presets to speed up issuing your commands!

New Features

Preset Hotkeys

We have implemented a very useful community suggestion which will help you to speed up issuing your most common commands. When creating or editing a preset you can now also select an unassigned hotkey between 1 and 9 on your keyboard.

To use your assigned hotkeys you only need to click a village on the map to trigger the ring menu and simpy pres your deisred hotkey to issue corresponding command.


  • All errands in your Resource Deposit are now sorted by quality for a more useful overview.
  • It's now more visible for players that there are other realms to register as well.
  • The Resource Deposit tooltip is now hidden after the first errand has been started.

Bug Fixes

  • Spy recruitment entries in the timeline now have the proper information displayed.
  • Messages can be sent to players in your contact list again.
  • The last login table is displayed properly again.
  • Revived units will no longer loot double the amount of resources.
  • Special offers now have an icon.
  • The correct amount of troops is displayed in the units overview again.
  • Scrollbars are now properly displayed where applicable.
  • The tutorial will have no display issues anymore when accessing the game via a slow internet connection.
  • The Academy overview is now updated properly when you lose Noblemen.
  • The forum and wiki links on the start page will no longer open two tabs.
  • Some translation issues have been fixed.

Android (Release Date: June 8)


You want to see all top quality errands on top of the list? No problem! All errands are now sorted by quality for a better overview.


You ever switched to a village and wondered which village it is? Switching to a village now will visually highlight this village briefly, so you will always know! You can now also switch between villages within a filter that has been applied.

Bug Fixes:

  • It's now possible to use the Instant Trade again.
  • Fixed incorrect graphics for buildings.
  • You can now no longer reach a zoom level that is not intended.
  • If you have a free reroll, the button in your Resource Deposit is now also green
  • When switching from village to map or vice versa, the switch button will now always update correctly.
  • Spy reports now properly display troops currently in that village and units that are stationed outside of it.
  • Fixed incorrect defense values in the Wall overview.
  • Fixed some places where text was cut off.
  • The correct warning is now shown when a spy recruitment order is cancelled.
  • When you are not in a Tribe, Tribe colors won't be displayed on the map accidentally.
  • Corrected a wrong icon for returning troops.
  • Tribe ranking now shows ppM instead of ppV.
  • Ranking arrows are no longer inverted.
  • In certain cases the commands were not shown on the map. This has been resolved.

iOS (Currently available in the US, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand)


At the beginning of the game it's sometimes overwhelming to see so many icons attached to villages on the map. This is why we have simplified the ring menu when clicking on a Barbarian Village at the start of the game. More options will show up when players progress through the early game.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Discuss this Update here!

The Tribal Wars 2 Team