Game Update Update 1.19




Version 1.19

Hello Tribal Warriors!

On Wednesday, July 8th we will update all realms with version 1.19. This version will improve the usability of the game and some parts of the user interface.

New Features

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your many great ideas. Currently, it's really hard for us to implement all that good stuff, because our own roadmap is really packed and we have some biggies in store for the near future. However, we do listen and try to keep implementing some rather small improvements suggested by you, the fans.


In this update we have added a hotkey which lets you jump to your currently active village while you are on the map view. Use your space bar to do this whenever you need to get back to your desired village.


And while we are at it, we also thought it's very helpful to highlight the village you have just selected while your are on the map view. Once you select a village on your map a new animation will indicate which village is now active if that village is in view.


In order to plan your day more efficiently we have updated the information shown in your building and recruitment queues. You will now see little indicators that will tell you how long your queues are busy with production at first glance.

You will find these indicators in your queues on the right-hand side of your screen as well as your overview screen as shown above, respectively. The number in the queue tells you how many orders are currently running in theis queue and the color of the number shows you how long this queue will take until completion, following this pattern:

  • Red: The queue will be finished within the next 4 hours.
  • Orange: The queue will be finished between the next 4 to 8 hours.
  • Green: The queue will be finished in more than 8 hours, you can go to sleep now!


  • Inactive accounts will now turn into Barbarian villages over time.
  • When activating the filter 'Attacks on your villages without casualties on your side' you will now get a report if the loyalty has dropped in corresponding village.

Bug Fixes

  • Preset hotkeys will now work properly again.
  • You can now see your last reports in the village info screen again.
  • Text can be marked again in messages.
  • Duplicate hotkeys will not be shown anymore.
  • Hotkeys are now available right from the beginning.
  • The name of your Second Village will now be displayed properly in the Village List.
  • Supporting units from other villages will not go to the Hospital.
  • The Preset window will close as intended when used to send an attack or support.
  • Quoted text in the Tribe forum will now work as intended.
  • The 'Ignore command' function now works as inteded.
  • The hotkey window will now scroll as properly when opening above another window.
  • A proper error message is now triggered when your message subject contains more than 45 characters.
  • Some in-game popups have been fixed.
  • Some translation issues have been fixed.

Android (Release Date: July 13th)


Are you tired of waiting for your resources? Wait no longer! The 'Instant Trade' option has been added to the trade summary. Pay a small fee to make use of it at any time!


  • The 'Play now with Google' button has been removed from the login screen. A 'Connect with Google account' function has been added to the game settings instead.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Resource Deposit bubble will no longer overlap the menu bar.
  • The Tribe forum will be properly updated when a thread is deleted.
  • The build timer will be correctly positioned in the radial menu.
  • The last reports are now displayed correctly in the info screen of owned villages.
  • The loyalty value is now correctly displayed in the global village information.
  • The 'Edit Tribe' button is now always available when applicable.
  • The timeline now always displays correct times for running construction and recruitment orders.
  • When scrolling through the achievement comparison screen there won't be any unwanted shadow effects anymore.
  • Custon Tribe names are now saved even if the keyboard is not active.
  • A rare issue has been resolved which had prevented some players from finishing the tutorial.
  • Units without a special ability will no longer have a special ability section displayed in their respective unit information screens.
  • Starting the fist Resource Deposit errand will not trigger a reroll animation anymore.
  • Some graphical issues have been fixed.

iOS (Estimated Release Date: End of July)


Diplomacy is key in Tribal Wars 2. With this in mind we have taken in your feedback and added links to Tribe profiles in your Tribe diplomacy screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • When changing your active village, the map will now center the newly selected village.
  • It will no longer be possible to found a Tribe containing no letters in its name.
  • The Tribe profile link of disbanded will no longer redirect to an empty Tribe info screen.
  • The merchant capacities are now calculated correctly in your Market offers.
  • The Market screen for placed offers will now update correctly when using an iPad.
  • Some translation issues have been fixed.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team