Game Update Update 1.3


[tw2head=26] Version 1.3[/tw2head] Hello Tribal Warriors, With version 1.3 we are implementing some some improvements to the game. We have also fixed a few bugs and optimized server performance.

  • The Master of Loot and the Tactician now increase the army speed by 100% instead of Light Cavalry speed for better understanding and more flexibility in battle.
  • The Grandmaster will now always increase the combat strength by 10% even if troops fight outside of province.
  • Archers now also benefit from the bonus provided by the Order of the Templar Knights.
  • Mounted Archers now also benefit from the bonus provided by the Order of the Teutonic Knights.
  • The maximum number of running attacks has been limited to 50 per village.
  • The commands on your global map are now color-coded to improve your map overview.
Bug Fixes

  • Rams and Catapults now show separate damage results when both unit types are attacking the Wall.
  • Some texts have been corrected.
Thank you very much for your support and bug reports.
Bug Discussion and Report Thread for Update 1.3

Sincerely, The Tribal Wars 2 Team

Due to technical issues with the update, the following has been rolled back. This update will be introduced in a later update.
  • Siege weapons now behave differently in battle. The survival of siege weapons now depends on the overall battle result. For example, when 50% of the attacking units are defeated, then 50% of the siege weapons are destroyed after battle but before damage is applied to buildings.