Game Update Update 1.4


[tw2head=26] Version 1.4[/tw2head] Hello Tribal Warriors, With version 1.4 we are implementing an option for you to reset your Order without having to demolish your Halls of Orders, as well as improvements to the game. We have also fixed a lot of bugs with this update. This update will go live on Wednesday, November 19th.
New Features

  • A previously chosen Order can now be reset in the Halls of Orders. This feature allows more flexibility in strategic choices.
  • A lock symbol now explains when the next spy will be unlocked in the Tavern.
  • The first draft of the tribe chat has been added to the game. This version is not entirely working yet. Please try this feature and give us your feedback.
  • You can now also access your recruitment queue at the right-hand side of your screen. You can toggle either building or recruitment queue.

  • The 'Attack' soundtrack is no longer played when attacking barbarian villages.
  • Barbarian villages now spawn with level 1 resource buildings. This way they can evolve much faster at the start.
  • Loading sounds should not impact game performance any longer.
  • The Ranking screen will now displayed only on one half of the screen instead of the previous full-screen view.
  • Village names are now displayed in your market offers overview. The currently active village is also highlighted in this overview to allow better usability of this screen.
  • The visualization of published reports has been improved.
Bug Fixes

  • When successfully conquering a village, the new owner will now be applied to this village correctly.
  • The espionage mission 'Exchange' now works as intended.
  • The loyalty loss caused by Noblemen is now correctly displayed in all screens showing that data.
  • Colors applied to villages are now correctly updated when joining a tribe.
  • When closing a player profile opened from the Landmark screen of a Province, the Province ranking overview in the Landmark screen is now still visible.
  • The Statue will now have its proper look when upgraded to level 5.
  • The text editor used in the messaging system and tribe forums is now behaving as intended.
  • New tribe forums and threads can now be opened correctly.
  • We have fixed an issue with interface elements overlapping quest context screens.
  • Only the creator of a conversation can invite or kick players from a conversation.
  • When a player has left or got kicked from a conversation he or she can now still read all previous messages before he or she has left or was removed.
  • The correct value of casualties is now displayed in battle reports when supporting units have participated in a battle.
  • Administrative options are now updated when switching from tribe news to forum or vice versa.
  • The loyalty of your village is now displayed correctly.
  • The text in notification boxes is now centered.
  • Changing worlds via the log-out button now works as intended.
  • The timeline will no longer toggle itself.
  • The 'Back to village' button now works correctly.
  • The arrow buttons to navigate through your reports are now always displayed.
  • It's no longer possible to recruit the first spy without having a Tavern.

  • Incoming attacks now provide detailed information when corresponding icon is tapped.
  • More sound effects have been added.
  • The email can now be changed using the Android app.
  • The invitation message is now displayed when a player gets invited to join a tribe.
  • A report is issued when a player has cancelled a tribe application.
  • A 'Discard changes?' confirmation window is now displayed when trying to close the tribe profile screen without saving the changes made.
  • Radial menu will no longer close when tapping an unavailable button.
  • You can now log in via Google+.
  • The correct amount of Crowns is now displayed in special offers.
  • Connection issues will no longer freeze the game.
  • It's no longer possible to zoom in closer than intended.
  • Main menu buttons are now disabled during the tutorial.
  • The tutor will no longer overlap UI elements of the tutorial.
  • The Android app is now using the same font as the browser version.
  • You can now switch villages directly in your Headquarters, Barracks and Shop/Inventory screens.
  • Crown values are no longer cut off.
  • The Trebuchet now has the correct unit type.
  • The achievement screen has been added.
Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Sincerely, The Tribal Wars 2 Team