Event Valentines Day Event 2017

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Happy Valentines!
Welcome Tribal Warriors and archers! Rumours spread out the land that Paul (our Paladin) aims for Gwendoline's heart... But Gwendoline is not easely convinced, for the next 8 days impress her with your archer skills and be handsomely rewarded!
From the 10th of February until the 17th of February show off your skills and impress our fair laday.
In this edition we have will have exclusives items to Gwendoline's game such as Bountiful Seasons, and another surprise!
So how do you take place in this new event?
Each day you will have a new wheel of prizes that you can shoot once for free! The wheel refills when the counter on the bottom left side reaches zero, until then you can shoot your arrows to get the prizes in there.

Once you have shoot a prize, it will grey out and it is deposited in your inventory. Once a reward has been collected you cannot get it anymore in that day, except if you decide to refill the wheel.
But that is not all, during the event with every daily visit the event we offer your, straight into your inventory a free shot.

How much does each shot cost?

Every day you will receive a free shot, the first paid shot cost 30 crowns and each following shot will cost 30 crowns more than the previous one.
And how much does each refill cost?

At any given time you can refill the wheel to shot again for prizes previously won. The first refill will cost 40 crowns and the following ones will be the double of the previous one.
But refilling the wheel will not give any free shots.
What should I remember?
All the free shots you win on this event, and the one from the daily login will disappear after the event is over, all other items will be safely stored in you inventory.
We hope you enjoy your Gwendoline's game, and we would like to hear your feedback.
Your Tribal Wars 2 team.
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