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Tribal Wars 2 Team


Versions 1.97 & 1.98

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

During the past year we worked on multiple improvements, released many features asked by our communities and many bugs have been fixed. on a weekly basis we released some improvements with many under the hood improvement. Overall over 300 tasks were accomplished, some big and some small. Here are the most noticable changes and bug fixes:

New Feature

  • Affront tool: with this function you're able to report player's IGMs, profile texts, village names and tribe's profile texts. No more support tickets or screenshots, you only have to use the report button at the bottom of the IGM screen and for profile texts and village names, you have to use the exclamation mark on the right of each field. This new reporting option is available in browser and apps.


  • Account deletion: You're now able to delete a world account. Go to Settings > Account > Delete account, use account's password and world's account will be deleted after 5 days. For security reasons you're not able to ask for account deletion if email address and/or password have been changed within the past 5 days. During the 5-days period prior deletion, each to login to the account will show a screen informing you about the upcoming deletion. You can cancel the deletion anytime within the 5-days period. After world deletion has been triggered, co-players will see the same info screen whenever they're trying to login to the account through the coop mechanism, but they're not able to cancel the deletion process. Please be aware that account deletion is permanent and cannot be stoped or reverted by the support team.


  • Missions: this feature is coming soon to beta. In the near future, you could see specific missions showing up on the right side to accomplish and win prizes or even victory points!


  • Event modifiers: This was previously tested on beta, and is returning for a final test. we can now have days with faster recruitment, or faster loyalty recovery! but that's not all, higher recruitment and/or building speeds, more resource faster.


  • Tribe limits: For a very long time it has been our wish and the communities to have smaller tribes. The tribe limits was something very deep into the game code and not possible to edit. We are very glad to announce that from now on we have 3 model, and we still plan to adjust this further.

    LevelModel AModel BModel C
    Level 0202020
    Level 1253525
    Level 2304530
    Level 3405035
    Level 4505540
    Level 5656545
    Level 6807050
    Level 71008055
    Level 81208560
    Level 91609565
    Level 1020010070

  • World data API: this is still in the very early stage. We expect in the coming weeks to see already interesting progress from 3rd party community projects. We will, in the future, also make this available to more partners.
  • Anti bot and measures: over the last year we had many issues and delays in our development, and also problems with server stability because of bots. We put in place many performance fixes to prevent the game from being overloaded by bots and scripts. At the same time we took the time to put in place a new system to deal with these illegal tools, a new form of ban where the accounts' commands and build orders will result always in to loss of troops and resources. The duration of this new ban is variable between 3 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the infraction and the the number of previous punishments for this reason. In the most severe cases we will still apply a conventional global ban.
  • Mobile tutorial: it is now possible to skip the tutorial on mobile by quickly tapping several times the screen.
  • Mobile time: We added the possibility for players to choose using their devices local time or server time.


  • World launches: World launches are very much automated now, with this change we also went back to fix some bugs from the world launch process such as reseting the chat and fixing the world name in the notifications.
  • Beta server: we did quite a bit of refactoring on the beta server to allow more testing possibilities and to bring you the possibility to play there on iOS in this upcoming version!
  • Village focus: we change the flow in the village focusing when changing villages using the arrow to prevent "motion sickness". In case you don't want to auto-focus, you can disable it from Settings > Game > Change focus village on village change.

  • Gwendoline: We also introduced new skins for Gwendoline's game!
  • Mobile standards: We update our base code and libraries in the mobile apps to the latest industry standards.
  • Engine libraries: many, many updates and stability fixes.
  • Forum bridge: All forum accounts are now linked to a game account and no personal data (like email) is now stored in the forum.
  • Presets: added a warning for when not enough troops.
  • Last report: complete internal refactoring for stability and performance.
  • Time: synchronised all time functions across all platforms.
  • Tutorial on mobile it can be skipped by tapping several times on the screen.


  • iOS ATT, we introduced Apple's App Tracking Transparency to the iOS version. A popup is displayed after the tutorial for new users and post load for existing users.
  • Several implementations from the browser version to iOS, such as last report, preset rules, time unification, account deletion, among others.


  • Whenever Paladin was selected to accompany support troops, travelling time was displayed wrong before you sent the commant but it was correct after you've sent the command. This has been fixed and travelling time is the same before and after you sent the command.
  • Google Play Achievements have been removed from the Achievements tab.
  • Several implementations from the browser version to Android, such as last report, preset rules, time unification, account deletion, among others.

Bug Fixes

  • Every time you use a Ranger in an attack, you wil receive a detailed report. So far the Ranger worked as it should be, but the UI was buggy and it's been fixed.
  • Solved many issues around timestamps both on browser and mobile versions and unified all to the same values.
  • Fixed placeholder issues on new world notifications.
  • Several minor issues with last report on village info screen have been fixed.
  • Whenever a Noble and Loot Master were included in a preset, the displayed runtime of the command was wrong. This has been fixed.
  • Several translations have been corrected.
  • Fixed some residual issues related to co-players and deleted accounts.
  • Re-worked login flow to prevent blocking issues from certain email domains.
  • Blocked the possibility to send attacks without troops.
  • Improved synchronisation of resource deposit jobs on Android.
  • Fixed village list in mass donation, now all villages should be visible.
  • Solved problem with kicking tribe members, when blocked by co-play relations.
  • Added possibility to choose name of account when swiping tutorial on mobile.
  • Blocked possibility to send multiple attacks during tutorial phase.
  • World reset now also clears chat history from testing phase.
  • Preventing missions and event modifiers from breaking the tutorial.
  • Many bug fixes to the last report function.
  • Fixed issue preventing android user from opening the tribe menu.
  • Solved an issue blocking the tutorial on android.
  • Added missing images on the android app.
  • Solved some navigation issues on Chrome.
  • Improved auto-complete and pagination features.
  • Paladin cannot be selected anymore alongside with Tactician.
  • A few graphical issues have been fixed across all platforms.
  • Several Translations have been corrected in all platforms.

Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

The Tribal Wars 2 Team

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