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Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by El Salesman, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Victory conditions should be rolled back a bit. VP worlds were set at 2k vp points when the servers were four times the size they are now. They should be set at 500 points now. Maybe 800 if 500 scares you. In any case they need to be drastically reduced. VP worlds, in effect, are dom worlds that dont end even when the enemy is completely defeated. Dom worlds should end sooner as well. You figure if a tribe has 2 out of 3 villas, well, what is anyone going to do to them? Getting 80% is ridiculously hard as your enemy in the end usually just starts mass eatting barbs-extending the server for weeks and even months. These changes will streamline servers and allow you to open new ones more quickly. This will fill your coffers more quickly. Almost noone buys coins after a server is already a forgone conclusion.
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    Got to be fair with Dom worlds and the 80% rule I have seen twice where a tribe entered the 70% domination phase and still lost the world. Especially now with small worlds getting a small but powerful tribe to overcome that threshold is even more likely . as for vp with the size of the worlds now they are obsolete in this you are correct
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    I agree with the VP world requirements being lowered, or at least based on population of active players within a realm and not just a static number that is preassigned regardless of values that change dynamically. Sometimes 2k VP is just too much and delays the inevitable. Sometimes 2k VP is just right. A static variable doesn't fit a multidimensional environment where active player count, tribe weight within the realm, and active player count all reside on their own axis and influence the direction of the realm in their own unique way. The goal can be predetermined, but should remain mutable to the point where a CM can come in and use their better judgement to determine whether a world is won and if they want to lower the required VP's, or decide that it should remain 2k. I think there comes a time where the winning tribe can sometimes spend upwards of over a month just nobling into new provinces to meet the required 2k VP when all opposing tribes have been inactive and quit long ago.

    When it comes to DOM worlds, I love domination. I have never had a problem with domination. Thats it.

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