Important Victory Point Worlds

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    Hey there tribal warriors,
    As of late there has been a bunch of questions regarding our Victory point worlds and how many points it would take for a world to be considered won. After looking into each server and gathering statistics from every server, it has been determined that based upon the size of the server and how many players are on the server, that every server will have a different amount of victory points.

    At the present moment, we have three victory point worlds. The total amount of victory points needed to win these worlds has been set at 2000 Victory Points. Once a tribe makes it to that 2000 mark, they will need to hold on to that total for at least 4 to 7 days to be declared the winner. At anytime during that 4 to 7 day mark, we can declare the world won.

    So good luck to you all and may the best tribe win.
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