Will Lod win or will Dro and 1o1

  • Dro and 1o1

  • Lod

  • Just dro

  • just 1o1

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you should have made dro and 101 different colors on the map.


ok after seeing this map i can't imagine DRo doing much else but providing support.


Yall guys are aruging with smurks... Damn I fell bad for you I know better than that he always wins arguments lol.


since you weren't responding to anyone specifically and you also have no invested interest in this world I see no reason for you to post to begin with.
If you paid attention to the context of the discussion you would of clearly saw me addressing the fact that there was a lot of talk and spam from that hunter guy. I was directly saying the DRO, 1o1 and LoD fight was no longer interesting due to all the talk from 1o1, but no action and that I would wait till it was finished to congratulate a winner (which I still plan to do), but your comment that was placed on my post was unneeded and overall you made it about yourself. Smurk I don't follow your rules, I follow the forum rules and I will enjoy as I post about topics I want to comment on, but if nobody addressed ya to begin with then mind your own business. Thank you for your time.

Now back on topic. Any input into this "War" 1o1 started.