VP or Domination

Both would be nice... competition is cool, but usually rewards those who can afford crowns, or has enough time to be here 24/7. Either way not too big a deal. I was more just repeating the general consensus of the community, that it would be nice to have a world where money/budget is not a game changer. Those with skill/time win.


I understand what you are saying. However, this would not be that world, sorry. As for realm competitions, I am trying to think of something new. :D
Worth a try. Power to the talkative!
Seriously, I knew it was a bad idea... anyone could start thousands of conversations with anyone. However, I think the underlying idea was a good one. The way to grow this game is through words/communication and friendships (haven't seen any advertisement, at least in my part of the world).


Kiki you could give the first player to be rimmed 1k crowns....but it has to be from someone outside of your tribe?

Nah someone will start a second account and rim themselves for the crowns anyways