Way to Add more strategy involvement.


Idea would be that certain province are strong in certain areas of game which would allow people to not only look at front lines in wars but also make certain provinces higher objectives than other(would add great amount when Fortress end game is fully in, cant wait :D).
Idea may be this province has wetter soil so it has a 10% bonus to clay production but a 2.5% or 5% penalty on wood and iron. A few one over may have fertile farm land so all villages get a 2.5% or 5% bonus to population room but due to this increase in population land is more valuable so buildings like farms are 10% more expensive. There is many bonuses that could be put in but should have some kind of draw backs, that way may promote trading, strategic war goals instead of just advancing the front line. Obviously the numbers, bonuses, and drawbacks would need balancing but would add more depth to the game I feel.

death to noobs

This game is not catan its a war game the province morale thing without a church unless a paladin accompanies it who has to come from a lvl 5 statue village is enough. In the orginal version there were no provinces morale was based on points entirely the provinces and church adds just enough extra.