We Are Recruiting!


You find your eyes settling on the foreign scene before you. Through the trees, you start to recognize pieces of a well-hidden structure. A gate grows out of an old trio of tangled trees, with a worn symbol carved near the mid-level branches. As you inspect it closer, you notice an intricate star burned black as night into the bark. Around the star is a perfect circle, the light golden colour of amber glistening under a single beam of the moonlight. Your hand reaches towards the captivating sight, but stops short when an unfamiliar voice reaches out through the darkness...

If you're interested, please submit an application with a bit about yourself and what you're looking for in a tribe. We are looking for active players, regardless of exp, to join!

May good friends always find you,

Founder of Lunanova (LNV)


This post is for tribe recruitment. If your comment does not directly pertain to this join (i.e. asking questions about it, or how to join) then please move the conversation to the main section of the forum for this world. Thank you.