Welcome To Our Contest Ideas Thread!


This thread was created so that all our Tribal Wars 2 US players can give ideas as to what kinds of contests you would like to see over the next coming months. Of course we can't promise that all ideas will be used but we would like some feedback from you all as to what you want to see. Of course they are some ground rules and all contests must follow all forum and game rules as well.

Contest Idea Rules
1. Contest must in some way tie in the Tribal Wars 2 game.
2. Contest can be related to a holiday we may be having.
3. Remember to keep ideas clean :p
4. Tribal Wars 2 staff reserve the right to remove any suggestion that is not in compliance with the forum or game rules.
5. Tribal Wars 2 staff also reserve the right to decide what will be awarded for any ideas used.
6. Remember to be creative and make it fun! We are looking for something new and exciting!
7. Tribal Wars 2 staff reserve the right to add any new rules pertaining to this thread at anytime.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! ;)


first one to conquer 5 villages from a tribe you are at war with?
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Weekly leader boards with rewards for the top player in each category. Most OBP, DBP, most villages (or maybe just player villages, not barbs) conquered in a week. Stuff like that. It would be a lot of work to run it though, unless it was coded into the game, then a lot of work to get it set up.


So as I been actually looking at the forums, I notice a lot of players want a dom world next. I hope inno listen to this. Cause I know a good amount that will just stop playing if it is VP. But I would like a contest also add. We all know what cokky did on A world. Respect for that. We all talk at times in this game but respect should be giving to those that earn it. I would like if the next world is DOM we have a 40 tribe limited crown reward or any inno see fit. This will make diplomacy a bigger thing then it is now an deal with the number of players on the world. Makes things interesting all around.


technically osk vp won faster then nib and rips domination worlds cocky guys are always strong openers but cant finish without help


Interest comes from conflict and conflict comes from interest.

Currently the only crowns that can be won come to the less than 1% of players who push the fastest to the start up rewards, and then the participation trophy rewards to the members of the winning tribe.

None of this contributes to making an interesting world. The forums are here for that, but there is NO incentive to participate, there isn't even an incentive to visit, the forums are usually a word of mouth thing that players only visit after other players tell them about it.
There should be rewards at the end of the world for players and tribes who contribute to making an interesting world for all through their forum exposure. This means that crowns can be won by players not necessarily in the winning tribe. By creating interesting conflict or debate, the most meaningful contributors to forum livelihood.
Long wars with regular, contextual p&p creates greater forum interest and incentivises players to continue on to the next world in hopes of finding that fun. This should be rewarded.


I haven't seen any forum contests lately. Are you still doing them?