Answered What happens if?


So I have a few questions;

What happens if your main village is conquered?

How often does a farm cause provision?

Does anyone know which server has the fewest lag issues?


1. If your main village happens to get conquered you will lose that village. 1 of 2 things will happen:
  • If you have ONLY one village you are considered "defeated" and you will be given the option to restart on the same world if you want to try and play again.
  • The other thing that can happen is that if you have MORE than one village then you lose your main village and you will still lose your chapel (still IF it's in your main village and you'll still lose 50% fighting strength IF you have no church in the same province). Since you have more than one village you can still fight in the world, just one village less.
2. Farms, the higher the level the more provisions you will have. Provisions are needed for buildings and troops, if you want a lot of troops you need to cut back on the buildings, if you want lots of points you need to cut back on troops. Troops wins war not points, so it's always best to maximize your troops where ever possible. NOTE: Let's say you want 100 spears, you need 100 available provisions since 1 spear is 1 provision. If you wanted to have LC (Light Calvary) 1 LC is 4 provisions so for 100 provisions you can only recruit 25 LC.

3. Servers have their own issues with lag, can't really say for sure which will have less lag. US11 for example can be laggy sometimes, yet on another day it will be perfectly fine.