Whos the biggest coiner

Discussion in 'Alnwick (US1)' started by convictpwnz, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. convictpwnz

    convictpwnz Guest

    I am sure its on everyones mind as they look around and see people sky rocket out of nowhere..unbelieveable troop counts and buildings...I can admit I bought a few coins early on but on no scale of some of these people....so lets hear it....whos paying to win and I dont mean small scale I mean large scale
  2. morrowquest

    morrowquest Guest

    No cash yet, but I can vouch for the earning feature although I am about ready to club esurance for hosing me with spam.
  3. SithMeister

    SithMeister Guest

    I bought some extra building slots but that was out of necessity, don't see my self buying any thing else. If I just had coins just lying around might just buy B.P for the first month. Just have five full Offensive villages at that point and unleash hell.
  4. SechulLath

    SechulLath Guest

    Building slots are such a ripoff, so disappointing to get a second village and see they don't carry over.
  5. SithMeister

    SithMeister Guest

    I was thinking they might not, That does suck, getting a good start is the most important I guess. As long as you don't noble tinny villas should be ok.
  6. convictpwnz

    convictpwnz Guest

    I bought some to race in the begining to get free ones..kinda like a buy 1 get one freee scenario lol
  7. illuminati

    illuminati Guest

    i got the answer your mamma is the biggest coiner haha
  8. illuminati

    illuminati Guest

    teasing convict hope all is well i joined the new server
  9. Altwing

    Altwing Guest

    I won't pay a cent in real money, and speaking as an officer in Omerta, I advise everyone else not to. For the last two weeks I have been missing a spy in one of my villages. I sent in a help ticket to InnoGames, and it was ignored for a week, and then closed by some little kid named Trevtino (or something like that) who laughed, said he didn't give a crap and who just closed it, period. This is terrible customer service, and more importantly, the spy is still missing. Upgrading the tavern or buying other spies doesn't help: it just doesn't let me buy or build spy #2.
    Which is sad for me, but also I used the $100.00 I was going to send to InnoGames on some other games. (I was a premium player in Tribal Wars so would have loved to do so again, but not with a game with such deep bugs and terrible customer service.) I have been telling everyone I know not to pay a cent here until they fix this.
  10. OvermindJr

    OvermindJr Guest

    I wouldn't mind paying for a monthly sub as I did on original TW for some permanent features.

    I am all for supporting the game, but at the same time feel it is a bit unfair to buy a bunch of 1 time "power ups" to gain an edge.

    I was more comfortable with the enhanced tools to manage villages I got with the monthly sub before. There was no cheaper or quicker way to upgrade though buying your way to the top.
  11. ThatDamnBox

    ThatDamnBox Guest

    Like what was said before, I think that having "Helpful" features (trackers, extra tools) and such would be a good edition as premium was before, but the current system allows InnoGames to pocket alot of money, even if the game is skewed because of it.
    I did recently take some TLI villages though, and was happy to see that he was a coiner, so I was gonna get some extra building slots.
  12. Altwing

    Altwing Guest

    Hey your name is familiar. Anyway, how do you know if someone's a coiner?
  13. ThatDamnBox

    ThatDamnBox Guest

    Based on whether or not they attack with buff's you only get by buying them, as well as taking their villages, and seeing that they unlocked extra build slots or building upgrades above the buildings level.
  14. Manspider

    Manspider Guest

    Yeah, the "easy" way is to take a village and see if they have an extra build slot or multiple researches unlocked.

    Hard way is to analyze reports (calculate if they're building/recruiting faster than their levels allow them to).

    I guess the easiest way to know is to outplay them and still get demolished. =P
  15. ThatDamnBox

    ThatDamnBox Guest

    It's possible the award could go to meh29. His main cluster has grown incredibly quickly, and there have been active barbarian boosts surrounding him for a while now.

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