Winning Items


I know, I know.......ENOUGH with the ideas Gooberhead! How about winning Items for defeating enemy troops? Say......if you defeat 5k provisions worth of troops, you win an item. Of course there is no winning of items when you defeat a low amount of provisioned troops. Or....winning an item for busting a wall down 10 or more levels with a single attack (not sure if this is even possible, but I would try if I could win good items).... The more you defeat, the more items you gain - ie: 12 levels would gain 2 items, 15 levels would provide 3 items, and if you could bust a wall down all 20 levels in one fell swoop, 5 items and 5 crowns..... Again, I am aware that you want to "Sell" items with the "Purchase" of Crowns, but I think that giving a taste of items or crowns is an easy and cheap method of creating a greater demand for them, and therefore a greater chance of players spending some money to obtain an edge.


Thanks again, UberTheGoob. Don't stop with the suggestions, we love to hear what the community has to say about the game. I'm writing this idea as well and will pass to the rest of the team.