Winterstein Special Challenge


Well we were doing good (POW) till WP had a NAP with us then stopped it and started attacking us after we let them in our prov. Also WP should not be able to win the extra Prize for keeping under the member just over last night and today they have dropped players and added at least one that i know of that first hand b/c one of our top players. ( haruhayate ) They are also trying to get other players with high villa counts to end the world sooner than later. I will never trust any of the players in WP they will stab ya in the back just to try and win the world. Time to move on to another world.


He's salty Kiki. We took him from 170k points to nothing.
It never says we have to keep thr original members in the tribe. Everyone knows that each tribe suffers from inactivity. W*P simply had the better hand and picked up some players with a high village count to help us try and close the world early. Nothing wrong with that. We still won't pass our 65 limit, as we don't see a need to.


Hey kiki, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but Wolf Pack is now at 71% of the top 10 tribes, which I believe should initiate Domination and lock this world out to new players. Let us know if we need to post this in a new thread of if it works to post it here. Thanks,