Word on the Street


You don't know me but I know you. And dang its been a while since I've personally seen your name in a world. Last time was like what.....world k early world? For me at least.


OOOOOOOH I am never far away lol I am here in one incarnation or another. :) Nice to see ya Dust to Dust.


I am in the game, I will be setting up shop soon. What sector did you start In. I'd rather be closer to you then farther away.


Hey since you going to be in the neighborhood Sly come on board. I will give you your own command to do with as you please :) Lets ditch the petty and teach some people a few things. :) Message me if you interested here and I will tell you where I am. I like your blessing my wall. It always sets a nice shade of Red in the morning light. ;)

Man here we go with the 1 day fakes again lol how many can he send at me this time?