World 18 Top 5 Map

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Harry Johnson

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Hi, I'm Harry, and I like maps! I'm going to be posting a new map every Saturday with the top 5 tribes on it. Why the top 5 you ask? Because top 10 is annoying! Anyways, without further ado, here is the first map!

First map, 11/05/2016



he's still recruiting trying to get that spot back....but we're already looking at 4th....with 131 members less than tnm. im not gonna lie, im gonna have to screenshot all this before this tribe is over just to prove this happened & i was a part of it. it'd be cool if 19 people could beat everybody...but im not that headstrong to believe i could pull it off


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Well the way GOH is falling, ya, I can see you guys hitting 4th easily.

Edit: And yes, I'm saying GOH is falling, you can argue about it however you want guys.
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