World Map


Decided to start a new thread for the Map since the last one wasn't an appropriate title for me anymore.

This new thread has all the interesting most active tribes in my opinion included in it. I'm still going to limit how many tribes I actually put on the map, but generally there will be between 4-7 tribes on the map.

1) Omerta and Omerata 2 - Shh and ISH
2) Apocalypse - APO
3) Game of Thrones - GoT
4) Exalted Emerald Knights - EEK
5) Dominance - DOM
6) The Luminus Imperium - TLI

Updated: October 20, 2014


Its nice to be able to see where i and the rest of the people in my tribe are at without having to scroll through it ingame great job!


Well unfortunately I won't be updating this thread with new maps any further because of the person that created the map generator is no longer with the game and won't support a game he's not playing. Possibly if someone else picks up his work and if I can find it I can continue to put up new maps, but for now this is the last map.