World Map


I don't know if anyone has suggested this yet but the world map from TW was a big help to big clans. It allowed clans to use a "strategic" view in order to plan their next moves in the world. I also enjoyed knowing where I was in the world. Don't know how this will work with the new provinces and kingdoms but I think it would be an overall advantage.


This was provided by a third party, who has since removed his site. Another programming savvy individual will need to step in and take on this roll. Innogames has made it clear that at this time there is no active development of any world map features other than the search for coordinates added in most recent 1.2.2 update.


there really needs to be an updating map, or a map generator like tw1, its practically impossible to plan ahead or make plans for battles against tribes if you cant even see where the tribe is or your own for that matter