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Worlds Comparison


So i was curious and wanted to compare how this world was in terms of fighting verus previous worlds. I thought a good indicator would be OBash averages of the top 10 bashers in each world. Here are my findings. I sourced all my data from Tw2 tools, feel free to verify. I was also going to compare the average Obash to the average villas of the same players but thats way too much work atm so i passed.

(not worth mentioning the other current worlds)

US 32: Frankenstein
Average Obash: 8 062 052

US 31: Eketorp
Average Obash: 2 751 732

US 30: Deva
Average Obash: 6 965 932

US 29: Castelo de Guimarães
Average Obash: 1 443 544

US 28: Bergenhus
Average Obash: 4 398 329

US 27: Alhambra (won by a cokky 25man tribe, insane)
Average Obash: 13 794 187

US 26: Zipser Burg
Average Obash: 8 563 579

US 25: Yburg
Average Obash: 1 947 901

US 24: Xativa
Average Obash: 9 333 843

US 23: Winterstein (have to say the top 2 obashers had 40mill obash each, really interesting, people say they were killing co-op units)
Average Obash: 12 080 679

US 22: Valkenburg
Average Obash: 8 952 630

US 21: Urquhart Castle
Average Obash: 1 678 122

US 20: Tatai Var (Old ISL names in this world)
Average Obash: 5 968 795

US 19: San Servando (insane world, especially the actual events)
Average Obash: 31 255 684

Cutting it off here. The worlds are just getting WAY bigger and more player/villas will obviously mean more bash kinda unfair to compare. I might go back and include the other worlds when i've got time. So here the results. The top 10 worlds, in average Obash are
  1. San Servando (im sure management wont come to brag about this)
  2. Alhambra
  3. Winterstein
Have to say F world isn't even over yet and is 6th on that list of worlds, damn impressive. Lets hope ISL sticks around long enough so NIB can improve that. Feel free to discuss whether there are other factors we can use to compare, i can name a few but its alot of work to do it lol.
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just so you understand this graphic represents the level of opposition as much as anything . Take Yberg for instance . There was more good players with LIT and therefore the obash was more divided and the opposition fell apart very quickly. using just obash world to world comparisons won't make sense this way . S for example took forever so players there have higher amounts . Tribe size is also a factor . worlds where small tribes won will have higher obash numbers than worlds where large tribes won .
even if you took a total obash reading from each tribe its based on how well the opponents defended


there is a small handful of players that also just farmed o bash at the end to get there hands on 1k coins too although it is a limited number maybe 5 or so in all 30 worlds that have done that to any degree. But i used to watch it they would literally stack barbs with there dead coops spears and mow them down with ma nukes to farm bash. This has been fixed mostly but worlds that take 5 months to long to close is usually where it happens normal worlds people just dont have the time or energy to do such things so thankfully it is not an issue much.

If we could just have tools list the stats at the time of domination it would be a much better tool for measuring as it is there is a whole lot of garbage points kinda like the QB that racks up the fantasy points when his team is down 40 points in the second half... he is not exactly facing the same sort of pressure as those who score legit.


Agreed cokky
If we could just have tools list the stats at the time of domination it would be a much better tool for measuring as it is there is a whole lot of garbage points kinda like the QB that racks up the fantasy points when his team is down 40 points in the second half... he is not exactly facing the same sort of pressure as those who score legit.


Well our numbers on S were leaps and bounds ahead of other worlds and I dont know of anyone there who was doing that. If those bash farmers were really trying to cheat their way to glory they sure didn't do a very good job. But hey 1000 crowns is 1000 crowns I guess :/


its not hard to look it up on tools if anyone wants to know thankfully though none of them play under those names anymore or come on the forum some i chased away personally... some just found the style of game play where end game is a much smaller tribe just does not fit there game plan. Most end game tribes do not have 40 actual daily players still playing.


S world definitely was crazy. And Management did get some crazy OBP. Though I think the tribe had over 1 billion OBP. 6 players over 30m. It takes two sides. You must have someone large enough to build mega nukes (like Management's zerg nukes) and have an enemy still active and large enough to try to stack against it. Truth is on many worlds there are villages filled with troops in search of something worth hitting. S world had LOTS of targets (including internalized targets).

Sometimes all of the planets align to make a world like that.
  • A come-from-behind battle with something to prove with 2 or more legitimate powers.
  • Enough people vested in the outcome to not get bored too quickly. Smaller worlds just end quicker. S world was large enough to support several large tribes well over 100 members each. At one point early on there were 5-6 tribes each with 100+ members. Hell, the leader for most of the game was TH2 (the 200). The name says it all and we had about 150 players in RIP too.
  • Gwen wasn't nearly as active back then. You had to grind it out.
  • It was a big map. There were a lot of villages. Most barbs were gone. It actually requires a ton of OBP to win plus a ton of internalization.
  • Enough egos on all sides that they will fight to the death which also increases OBP

I know some people didn't really like S world BECAUSE of those things. It was a grind that took almost a year. And there was a lot of drama at the beginning. It was actually pretty fun until you get to the last 4 months that is just cleaning up and padding stats in a world you've already won.

As this game seems to be on life support it is hard to stay motivated. Sometimes you need to invent your own motivation or stoke rivalries just to keep it interesting. The biggest drivers of $$$ in any game like this is activity. Whole games are built around just keeping people on.

There are 2 primary levers for monetization.
there is a spike in crowns when people start a new world. Every new world is full of possibility and people will spend money to stake their claim on the map. So you can timebox worlds, change the winning threasholds or do things to keep these worlds moving. The more new worlds start, the more people spend... But this likely has diminishing returns.

2) most importantly... people need to give a ____. They can't get bored. They need to feel like whether they win or lose MATTERS. It goes beyond a ranking or reward at the end. It seems that this game isn't really attracting new players and there are just the same diehard veterans left that battle each other world after world. How can it matter again? Even on H-world, gwen doesn't really matter. The challenge isn't really there and unless we are just challenging ourselves this will eat away at the viability of the game - (it already has).

Some Ideas

1) grudge match - more smaller tribes. More people feel like they have a chance to win and can grow early without getting overrun.
2) limits on alliances, NAPs, and merges
3) limits on tribe switching with cooldowns if you drop
4) right now the only way to donate to a tribe is resources or crowns - but activity, bash, and other actions should also contribute. This isn't direct monetization but it IS indirect. The more people are vested and active, the more likely they are to buy crowns when they need to boost a wall, build a church, rush a noble, move a pally, etc.
5) encourage rivalries - heck it should be part of the game with loyalties somehow carrying over world after world. There isn't even an official TW sponsored Hall of Fame or record book for things that matter to people. (again...make people give a ____)
6) create a world mega server - where is the World Cup version of TW2? Even rivals can ban together to represent their country.
7) fix the easy s__t. Seriously, you don't have to reinvent the game but there are small fixes, bugs, and UX issues that have been lingering FOREVER. Get a couple devs and knock them out. The message that is being sent to us is that INNO doesn't care about this game so why should we?
8) it is still a good game - market it. get people to come back.
9) I can't tell you how many people (including myself) have wanted to quit this game. It often comes down to personal relationships. You keep going because you feel a sense of obligation to your tribe members. For some people it is legacy - even if it is a virtual one. This game needs to take steps to increase communication, increase the bond and obligation between tribe mates. Through the grind that is what often holds this together.
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Of course there was the big betrayal on S because someone wanted the world to end... Yes I am still mad over that :)


I am liking some of those ideas RIP. I'll try my best, but no promises. ;)


Ah S world, that brings back some memories. That was such a fun world to me and then it wasn't. A sticky, murky quagmire of spies, betrayals, and just plain old insults. The amount of tickets sent to the mods was crazy. Good times, good times. :D


So F world is now ranked 2nd with an average Obash of 13 881 090. I really should go and collect the Obash averages of the worlds before San Servando before you can't.


Ya, must be nice with all those 4k zerks, I recently blew thru 15 nukes and barely made a dent, while your zerks killed a 400k stack, awfully a one sided world


The O-Bash on US23 was not impressive. Can't remember the dude in 2nd, but he was pissed that Dreg came in and smashed a ton of players and took first place in OBP. To counter this he made friends with small tribes towards the end game and had them stash troops in barbed villages to get free OBP. We noticed this due to his inability to help us push certain lines, and a few of us talked with Dreg and stacked a ton of barbs near him so he could catch back up. We ended up sacraficing all of our troops to make sure Dreg could win.


that was one of the known instances of obash cheating i was mentioning thanks for being honest about it i did not want to throw anyone under the bus. When Dreg was actually playing in a real world where there was active enemy and such he was still a top 5 sort he really did not need to pad his stats those who actual care know he was one of the best.


So build zerks. They are not limited to NIB use.

Ya, must be nice with all those 4k zerks, I recently blew thru 15 nukes and barely made a dent, while your zerks killed a 400k stack, awfully a one sided world