Xativa Special Challenge


Greetings Tribal Warriors!

A few players have asked for a challenge for this world like the special challenge we have for world 23…so after careful consideration we have decided to create one with a change in the amount of players you can have in your tribe.;)

While the game allows for tribes to hit a member limit of 200, we challenge you to keep your member limit at no more than 80. Why? Because this means you'll need dedicated members, and will create a real challenge for every tribe willing to stick with it.

How does it work? That is the easy part :) Tribes who choose to take part in this competition need only to respond here with their tribe name, and then never have more than 80 members in their tribe. See, I told you it was simple.

Why would a tribe want to participate? Because we will be awarding crowns to the top tribe participating, of course. How many? Oh, that will depend on how many tribes participate :) So spread the word and let's get as many tribes as possible.

*Disclaimer* This is in no way mandatory, if you don't want to participate don't enter your tribe name simple as that. We are just trying to add some excitement back to the game.

Rules of Competition:

1) Tribes must stay at no more than 80 members. You are allowed to have less then 80 but must not go over 80.

2) Any Tribe involved will be disqualified should they go over the 80 member limit at anytime.

3) We must have at least 3-4 tribes to even start the competition. If all tribes participating get disqualified or quit competition ends. Remember the more tribes that enter the more the prize will be. So encourage each other to enter.

4) Winnings are awarded once one tribe reaches the required 80%. Only tribes entered from the start will qualify! Winning tribe must be one of the top three tribes. That's right, you don't even need to win the world to win the competition, just be one of the top three tribes on the world.

5) Regular rules of the game must be followed at all times!

6) Remember if a tribe in the competition wins the world the competition prize is completely separate from the winnings of the world. So basically it gets added to world winnings.

7) Creating Multiple Tribes is NOT ALLOWED! Remember only one tribe can win, so you're better off creating a tribe of your own.



Mounted Archer
Only 2 tribes? Come on, folks...this isn't really that hard. A tribe of <80 active and hungry members can rock a world. Get hungry and get busy hehe


Mounted Archer
YAY!!! Come on...there has to be another tribe on this world BRAVE enough to say they can kick some butt without hundreds of members