Yukio didn't die.


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So I guess Yukio didn't die after all. It was a scam by A Beer after yukio quit. Death is serious, don't lie about it. I'm glad yukio is not dead, but don't go around preaching his death and letting the whole world name a village after him when he didn't actually die. This is the NAO I know. This is the NAO that will fall.
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From the NAO guys that were included in the message, they said a beer is the one that made up the scam after yukio announced himself quitting in a message to the council and some members. ALL of the NAO guys said that, the fact was they all knew he wasn't and yet preached a lie to the whole world he was.


You might be right...but I was more familiar with the situation than most...maybe not as close as them though. The real story equally sucks, but its not death. BUT I could have gotten a lie as well.


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NAO leadership is the most cruel and honestly evil leadership I have ever witnessed, heard of, or taken part of in tw series.

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On the behalf of the BYE council (Fireball jr., Xumi, CraftCrazy, Rageblood, Silveraydo-1973, Krinsler, sirlancealot and myself) and our fantastic members, we are happy to have played a roll in NAO's downfall :)


I'm also glad that Yukio is still alive and that death shouldn't be joked about, even if a player just decided to quit the game, tell the players that. I'm wondering if it was an attempt from NAO council to try and get the players more united and fight for something they thought was true. I myself thought that it was true because who would really joke around with death? Especially with something like drinking and driving (I believe that is what everyone got told) drinking and driving can be a very touchy topic for some people considering they have lost loved ones due to drunk drivers. Don't drink and drive people, it's a serious issue and no life is worth getting in a car drunk. The sad thing is just saying this doesn't really make people stop. Make sure to get a designated driver if you plan on drinking.


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Yes, its not that they lied, its the fact on what they lied about that disturbs me. But even if he is alive, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! It is not worth it.


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After hearing originally about it I told Ice it was all a line of BS. The fact they had to lie to save face to how horrible they messed up the tribe, it was the only way to get things back on track and unite it. He was looking for an out and took the dirty way of doing it. I would like to hear the other side of this story. It should be an interesting tale. And it should be told. I will make popcorn and get the whiskey.