Zero Law


Wow, so nobody's talked in here for a while! What's wrong guys? Nobody else wants to recruit good players now that the world's actually started? Well let's get on with it then.

I know these things are usually very well formatted, structured, and straight to the point, but where's the fun in that? After all, all work and no play makes Jisto a dull boy...

What? You say you won't listen if it's not in proper format?! Fine.. So lets get to the tribe then.

Zero Law: Sweet name, right? ...What do you mean no? Taervan thinks it's cool.. :'(
We're a tribe mostly structured in the NW of w10 (Juval). We came about from a merge of two of our three brother tribes, LAW, and END. We are currently cleaning up our quadrant. If you're in the NW, but not yet in our tribe, you may want to keep an eye out.

Recruitment: The whole reason I'm typing this up. Makes sense to put it randomly in the middle, right?
We expect our members to have, at minimum, decent experience with TW (1 or 2) and know some of the advanced strategies, like sniping, chapel attacks, etc. Knowing how to coordinate an attack to land only seconds prior is an absolute must to be considered.
We are close to our member cap, but we are always cutting the fat out of our tribe as it presents itself. For this reason, only serious players will be accepted into the tribe, and only players who remain serious will stay. We also will only tolerate members who communicate with the tribe. Don't worry though. If it's not op time, we're a very lovely group of people to talk to!

Diplomacy: Wait, we have that? Dang.. I didn't know how much I wanted that village until it turned a different color..
We are always refining our search for diplomacy. Currently, we are only considering any diplomacy with top 10 tribes, unless there is a very good reason to consider anything lower. Because this game is half about the information you can get out of people, I will not be naming our allies, NAPs, or enemies here. For diplomatic issues, you can contact me, Jisto1, in game.

Goals: I swear, we have them! They're laying around here, somewhere...
The goals of Zero Law are to own the NW of w10, and expand to fight for control of SW as well. West Side! We, of course, look to stick it out until the end game and we welcome any challenges along the way. Our immediate goals are to take down our enemies in the NW, and expand to secure the quadrant better. Longer down the road, we look to expand to the rest of the world, whether it be through strong merges, or through full frontal nudity. No. Wait. I mean assaults! Full frontal assaults!

If you laughed at any part of this, you may be the perfect candidate for our tribe, as we don't want to be talking with a bunch of losers who have no sense of humor. :p

1) Be over at least 6,000 points total
2) Be in or near the core or NW
3) Send an application to the tribe
4) Send an accompanying message to Rob Machine, Hintan, and myself
5) Answer our questions
6) Laugh at our terrible jokes. DO IT. WE COMMAND YOU TO LAUGH!


guess i will wait for us11 dont think i can magically spawn at the core this late into us10 :) and if i did am sue after 2 weeks i would be dead!