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    Kra des Chevaliers Top 5 Map

    top 10 map 16 / 9 / 2019
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    Top 5 Tribes

    usually the one that starts the map keeps posting the weekly updates for the top 5 the last one was Jun - 30 - 2018 LOL
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    last map of the realms

    so it's finally closed and this is the final map
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    last map of the realms

    top 3 tribes NIB the realm winners S&M 2nd place
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    VP or Domination

    fenixxx and i are the same tribe , remember S&M ( rebel with a cause ) we revived it and we are #2 in Alhambra and i don't like the VP realms a dom is for sure , and it would be an honor to play with you again
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    VP or Domination

    in Alhambra now but wont play for now , RL is getting the best of me but hope to be back full in the fall would be nice to play together then
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    VP or Domination

    i agree this will give both a chance to win something also i believe that both bash and points are important and to be fair the D bash should get something too not only the O bash , just saying :cool:
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    VP or Domination

    nice to see you back
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    Top 5 map

    well i held off all your ppl south for 35 days and it was 9 ppl against 1 still i took out 3 of them as for the bash points please ask them to leave the troops so i can get some more thought i have 3 times your OBP, you only tuck tail and run whenever the heat is on , you start relocating LOL ...
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    Top 5 map

    long time no see , how are you
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    Top 5 map

    the only reason we came north is not you personally , we came up cause your ppl are losing so bad south they migrated north and barbed a whole area there isn't a single barb in you provs you only gain ground by barb munching where will you go next you merged how many tribes already ?? you have...
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    Map Thread

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    Top 7 Map

    thank you for the Map it's nice , though it has already changed along with the rankings :)
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    35k Pop army

    in order to take his OF if he attacks you'll need 5000 Sp 5000 Sw 5000 Ar 2000 Hc and a lvl 20 wall most of them will vanish and wall down to 7 that's crazy