1. guny


    Some things I think should be changed with the messaging system: 1. When a tribe opens a tribe wide msg chat make it so more than one person can add or remove people. It ends up that players are kicked, leave or go inactive and new chats need to be made. 2. Make it so 2 or more tribes can be...
  2. AaccidentalAardvark


    Before I start, I know this idea has already been suggested and shot down. I am adding my voice to the ones in favor, and pointing out the issues I saw in the now closed suggestion thread about it. There should be, occasionally, a non-crown world. I would also like to see a non-Tribe Skill...
  3. KLuv

    Raze a Village

    I propose a way for you to be able to raze your villas to the ground There could be a little button in the city info screen saying "Raze Village" if you click it it would say "Are you sure, this will destroy your village and turn into a Barbarian village" When you raze it a random amount of...