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  1. New Issue Cannot reproduce Farm failed to upgrade

    i was leveling farm from lvl 11 to 12 it took 1h27m but when i got the option "finish for free" with 3 mins left i clicked it and it didnt give me the level 12 farm it stayed at level 11 and didnt give me any provisions i know this because i had waited 1h30m for it to upgrade and after i click...
  2. Paladin Relocation Provision Cost?

    I've found that in order to relocate my paladin to a village, I need at least a provision or 2 free (literally had to clear 2 axes from queue one time to go from 0 provisions free to 2 provisions in order to relocate). Is this an intended feature? And could someone explain if yes? Or is this a...
  3. Resources and Nobles

    Provisions are produced by the farm, therefore they should be represented by a sheath of wheat rather than a man. Provisions are used up in the support of troops, nobles and citizenry. As long as you have the troops and the building levels maintained the provisions are used. If troops are...