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Android Troubleshooting


Hello everybody,

There has been an influx of tickets lately for the mobile application version of Tribal Wars 2. As I am a Sprint Certified Electronics Technician (I suppose you all know where I work now), I thought it would be nice if I put up a small guide to help stem the tide of tickets that can easily be fixed with a few simple taps. I know this won't fix everything and that there are actual bugs in the mobile app that need fixed, but please try these steps before making a ticket about the mobile application.

Please make sure your Tribal Wars 2 app is up-to-date before trying anything below. If you are running on an out-dated version of the app, then all your efforts are futile.

1) Please try doing a device "soft" reset. This is something you'll want to do regularly, issues with the application or not. This helps with device and application lag. This can be done two different ways.
The first way is for devices with a removable back. All you have to do is remove the battery while your device is still running, leave it out for a few seconds, and then pop the battery back in and turn the device back on.
The second way is for "embedded" devices. This means there is no removable back or battery to remove. All you have to do with these devices is hold the power button until the device resets. This simulates a battery pull on an "open" device.

2) Please try clearing the application cache and data.
On most most Android devices, this is fairly simple. Go to "Settings" -> scroll down and tap on "Storage" -> tap on "Apps" -> scroll down and find "Tribal Wars 2"
On Samsung devices: Go to "settings" -> tap on "more" up at the top right -> tap on "application manager" -> scroll down and find "Tribal Wars 2".
Clearing the cache isn't going to result in any major change, but it could help get rid of any minor lag you're having.
Clearing the application data is going to wipe out all information you have stored in the app and restore it to as if you just installed the app. This means you're going to have to log into the game again and change any settings that you have changed back to how you want them to be.

* It is best to do this before you do a "soft" reset. Just to make doubly sure.
** HTC users, if your method to getting here differs, please let me know. I haven't owned an HTC in a long time and most of the HTC owners who come to me for help are usually pretty tech savvy and all I have to do is tell them to clear their cache or app data and they know right where to go.

3) Uninstalling the application. This is something to do as a last resort. If the newest update isn't working so hot and you're noticing a lot of issues, this is going to be your best bet. There are two different ways to uninstall an application from your device.
The first way is going to to where you cleared the app data and cache and tapping "Uninstall" instead.
The second way is going to the Play Store and uninstalling the application from there.
To uninstall from the Play Store, enter the Play Store and tap your "menu" button or tap the menu button in the Play Store. Tap on "My apps" -> scroll till you find "Tribal Wars 2" and tap on it -> tap uninstall.
Going through the Google Play Store is going to change depending on how Google feels that day, so for those of you are who electronically inept, feel free to just do it through the settings on your phone. It's going to be the same on there every time and you don't have to worry about how moody Google is being that day.

*** After you uninstall the application, it is best to do a soft reset on your phone before re-installing the application. This will ensure no residual data is brought back to haunt you and cause issues.

Hopefully some of you will find this helpful. If anyone has any suggestions of how I could improve upon this, please feel free to share it with me and I will make the necessary changes.