Clarification on Faith/Morale Needed


The wiki says you receive a 50% morale reduction if you launch an attack into a province where you don't have a church. I believe this is incorrect. You receive an attack bonus for faith if you DO have a church. You don't get the faith bonus if you attack in a province where you don't have a church. Morale is not related to churches at all; it imposes a penalty when strong players attack much smaller players.

This is the page I'm referring to:

The way it is worded now:

Remember that you may receive a 50% moral reduction if you launch an attack into a province where you do not have a church. Always check your moral value in your attack screen. (NOTE: Misspelling of morale is wiki error, not mine.)

I think it needs to be edited to make it clear that morale and faith are completely separate things. Even the mods seem to be getting them confused at times.


We are attacking into another province we have no church in? What would you call the reduction of the attack into that province?

Does not the faith of a province effect the morale of the troops attacking in that province?

Then we have the loyalty of the village.
Everyone tries to separate the 3 but they work in concert.
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They are all separate things. That's why everyone tries to separate them, because they are calculated independently of one another. The faith bonus is based on having a church or not. The morale penalty is based on player size. Loyalty has nothing to do with this discussion at all. It does not affect either faith or morale.


It's an error... but your overall attack strength is the product of the luck adjustment, the officer adjustment, morale, and faith... so it really doesn't matter what you call it.

As stated, loyalty has nothing to do with it and neither morale nor faith affect what your Nobles do in terms of loyalty.


Yep. I just think the correct terms should be used in the wiki to avoid confusing newbies.