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:/ I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but...
The Kyocera Hydro doesn't have a lot of RAM or memory. Simply running Jelly Bean on it is taxing the hardware enough.
Playing a game like Tribal Wars 2 is probably too demanding on your devices system.

For example, I have an LG G2 and it has a quadcore 2.26 GHz processor with 2 gigs of RAM and the Tribal Wars 2 app it pushes my phone to the absolute limit. Your phone has a 1 GHz dualcore processor and 512 MB of RAM; running this game AND your operating system plus whatever unclosable applications you have is probably not only making your phone extremely hot, but draining your battery faster than you can charge it.

I know that probably isn't what you want to hear and it probably isn't correct for me to say it as a member of the team, but as a former phone/tablet technician, that is the truth. Once the Android development team optimizes the application to only use the bare minimum amount of resources, it's unlikely that less powerful devices will be able to handle the game without issues.


I am also having this issue of constant loading...becoming I can't even load the game at all. I am using a newer RCA kids with the slightly smaller version...RCA...usually, if I refresh, it works...this time it won't at all...I uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times to no avail...:-( The screen below is where it gets stuck...


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We are working on correcting this issue. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. This issue should be corrected shortly.