Coop Abuse Control


Soemthing that could be done to help the coop abuse is to make it where The coop is not allowed to send attacks or support to thier main account while using the coop.

For Example Person A has Person B and Person C Coop's Person A cannot Send troops of any manner to Person B from Person C or Person C from Person B, nor can he Send troops from Person B or C to Person A.
However while on thier own account people can behave normally, just hinders thier abilities while they are on the Coop persons account


I see what your saying here and that is an interesting idea. It can limit where the support goes. If person A is under attack then person B can send support as long as person B is logged in to send it. If person A has coop, they can't stack with person B's troops.


Yup it makes it to where the real person has to be on or they support friends with thier Coops troops but not thier own.

Im not 100% sure how to do away with the noble growth thing thou, i.e. using a coop as a way into provos and the such


if a player leaves the game due to coop abuse (ally turned enemy) and dosent report (new to the game or jest lazy) then have a option for the tribe to report it for him