creating troops with preset bug


Hello Developers and Moderators alike,

I have a small but annoying issue on my hand. I have over 60 villages on World 9 (us) and have resorted to creating troops via presets in rally. I have discovered a major problem. Your troops that are out supporting villages don't count for a total. (Could be all movement in general)

Ex. Preset needs 1k Spear 1k Sword 1k Arch 2,700 Hcav. Let's say 1k Spear 1k Sword and 1k Arch are already completed but are supporting another players villages. The pre-set doesn't notice them and starts making another 1k 1k 1k set. This kills the troop count ratio I want and look forward to.

As Account Manager isn't here (MAJOR BUMMER), I would like to have this issue/bug fixed. I'd rather not spend a few hours going through all my barracks to manually create troops.

With great regards,
The Murderous Coldog22
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Re-posted in response to Jaded-One's request. It's been 25 days and no response other than "Confirmed." Presets Via Rally Points play a major part in the game play, I thought the Dev's would put this on top of their "To-Do" lists...


In my opinion they have not designed this system properly yet. I have a 300 village account and I spend all my game time queueing troops, spies buildings, etc and basically don't have time to play
They need to implement a system that allows players to queue troops in all village according to a set of preset troop counts. That way players could use their troops instead of just queueing them


What you need to do right now is have a preset it all your villages for offensive and defensive. Then cycle though your villages and click the appropriate preset in each village. It is totally mindless and requires no strategy


It kind of works, but it's not overly helpful. and it's nearly completely useless if you want to build more than one type of unit